Sunday, August 17, 2014

Worst Summer?

Ahh summer time.  This summer has been too busy.  I'm usually ok going along with the ride, but this summer has totally kicked my ass.  I won't go into how it started out - just to say that we've made two trips down to Jersey - neither of them much fun (late June, 2nd week of August).  In between those trips I've had vacation where it rained for 48 hours, a bike wreck that i'm still hurting from, weekends in which i've spent buying a new car (no fun), in-house construction by a group of true hucksters, possible broken toe and stung by a bee.  I've tried to keep my head above water - but this moment right now is pretty much the only time i've had to sit down a write a little.  Works had it's moments as well.  Probably not worth going into that.  My mood is pretty low.  

Having said that - i'm trying to train my way out of it.  I'm aiming for a 10k in lexington in November - I managed 8x400s last Tueday and a 6.3 miler last Friday.  I'd like to try and get out today for 5x800s.  Hopefully fall will bring some piece and fun - and winter will be mild.


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