Sunday, August 19, 2018

Still Injured.

I've taken a total of 5 weeks off - 3 completely with no running the last 3 weeks.  I did the bae race - but that's been it since mid-July.  Mixed cross-training.  The days after the bae summer race, I managed two full walden swims.  The following week was not great - two rows and some strength training.  The week after that was worse.  One hike and a row.  And I was on my feet too much with days in boston (and the 3.5 mile hike).  This week was much better: 3 rows, a good walden swim tonight and lots of strength.  I may try running again next week.  Kinda still feel the foot - but maybe worth trying. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Injury and Race

So i promptly hurt my foot on the first long run of my marathon plan.  Ive spent the last 2 weeks nursing it back to health - only to race on it last night.  It doesnt feel great now - so Ill plan on another 2 weeks of rest before trying again.  Can still either target Philly later in november,- maybe phoenix or just some solid fall races.

Thursday night i did the thursday night fever 5k last night.  Foot hurt and super humid.  still managed a 22:33 and a 7:16 pace.  Not bad.  Im good wit that all things considered. 

Tonight i did a good nice 42 minutes swim out at walden.  Need to do more of that and the rower for a few more weeks.    

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Officially week 16

So this week was my official start to my 16 week training plan.  Last sunday I did my first track workout - 3x1 miles.  I think these were around the 6:28 - strava had one of them at 6:15 - but I was looking at the watch and I think they were all just under 6:30. 

had a nice swim sunday night for my x-training.  Tuesday I did the 2 mile tempo.  Felt awesome.  goal was 7:00 - and i landed them at 6:58 and 6:48.  Love that 2 mile tempo - would be nice if more were scheduled for this plan.

Today I did my first long run (only 13). Felt good for the first 11 miles.  Last two were slow and a bit painful.  Still managed the target pace (8:17 - goal was 8:16).  Main worry now is my right foot hurts like hell - probably need to ice it.  hope this does not persist.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Jerry garcia 5k

Finally a decent 5k!  Its been a while since i ran a good one.  My goal was to run faster than my recent 10k time, which was a 6:52 pace.  I went out a little under 6:50s for all 3 miles - and ran nice even splits for the race.  6:46 pace overall according to official time.  The pacing felt real good for about the first 2 miles - then the humidity started to get to me - but since i didnt take it out too fast - I still had enough in the tank to finish ok.  Not bad for an easy summery fun run.   

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mixed bag June

So this is kind of a 'free' month as far as training goes.  My main focus has been to just get some longer runs in before i officially start my Marathon plan - which, if all goes well - would be about 17 days from now.  The Sunday after the AM mile - I did a 9.3 miler - which felt pretty good.  I then did  a lazy run from work - in which i tripped and fell down - not my best run.  And then thursday of last week I did a 12 miler from home in the morning which really really sucked.  Felt crappy after 4 miles - but wanted at least one 12-er before starting my marathon plan.  I thought it would be easy considering i had a nice 11 miler a few weeks before - but no.  I've been trying to drop a few pounds - so maybe it was just lack of fuel and a little warm weather. 

Anyhow - last sunday I felt really good again - 5 miler at 7:39 pace.  Nice morning.  Nice pace - great father's day run.  Today i headed out for another 'longish' run - 10 at a 8:02 pace.  Felt pretty good - although i'm a little tired now. 

A bit of a break this weekend - then a race next thursday - and maybe the concord 5-miler the following week. 

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Race Week!

I managed my long run last week - a really nice 11 miler.  Felt pretty beat at the end - but it was good to get some distance in training.  Unfortunately, I had to spend some time gardening (yes) at our rental house.  Needed to be done - but no time for a single run over last weekend.  Last run was more intervals last Tuesday: 2x400; 4x200 at mile pace.

The race rolled around on a great night last Thursday.  I felt pretty good heading in.  Race started real well - I hit the 800 at 2:52 - but didn't keep the pace - i think i was over 1:30 the next lap, and didn't close fast enough to make up the lost time: 5:50.  One second off of last year's pace.  Not bad, but was really hoping for better than that. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On to week 7

So I finished last week with the 2 more runs - the slow 6.5 miler on Thursday - felt good to run slow.  And my final run was the intervals on the weekend: 800 at mile pace - probably around 2:50 - then one minute jog - then 2x400 at mile pace with 30 second jog.  Very difficult - nice mile 'simulator'.  I was under 1:30 on the 400s - but I honestly don't remember.

Today I was pumped to do some nice and easy 4x800s.  Easy - except for the heat.  mid 80s felt like 120.  The first 2 weren't bad - but the third one sucked.  I think i may have run further than 800 - pretty delirous by that point.  Did a bit of a walk and then tried to kick out the next one.  Skipped the 2x400s - as i was a little worried about passing out.  Feel like shit now - but need to walk Tulip and clean up the dinner mess.

Will try to do a bit of a long run Thursday morning.  only 6x200s sunday - but I'm giving up thinking any of these are easy.