Friday, July 31, 2015

12 Miler Into Work

Left home for a 12 miler today at 7:10.  Headed through Belmont to Fresh Pond and did the loop - popped out at about 5 miles.  Had a good pace through 5 (8:12 or so).  Then ran through more of Belmont - down over Arsenal bridge to the Boston side for a while - about another 8:12 pace through mile 10.  Miles 11 and 12 I slowed up a bit (8:38 or so) - which is fine - I was feeling pretty  hot along the last stretch.  Not bad for (hopefully) the hottest week - certainly made this run and Wednesday's tempo more difficult.  Legs are sore now.  Trying to avoid reaching for the ibuprofen...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

4 Mile Tempo

This morning I ran into work - 6.6 miles total running - a little more than that total since I had to walk for about 5 minutes following the tempo part.  I started the tempo on blanchard st in belmont and did the first two miles through Fresh Pond to Lakeview.  Mile 1 was 7:35, mile 2 was 7:49.  I was feeling it at mile 3 - which took me along brattle to Harvard - a 7:35 pace.  I seemed to regroup for the last mile - a 7:31 to Western avenue.  It was hot and felt overheated so I cooled off and walked before jogging it in.  6.6 total.

Swam last night at Walden - did the .9ish mile swim out to the opposite shore and back.  It took a solid 45 minutes.  Felt good afterward - but a little out of it last night.  I think those can be sneaky hard workouts.  Should be able to do the same workout the next two weeks with the kidos at camp.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 3 - with new shoes!

Today I woke up and attempted my track workout.  Last week I was sick, this week construction at the track kept me from my appointed rounds.  I was able to do the workout - just not as precise as I'd hoped.  I didn't have my phone to track mileage- so I did 5x4:15s - figuring that 1000m should be about 4:15 at a slightly faster than 7 min/mile pace.  Who knows how fast I did them - but they felt hard in the humidity.  Better than last week.  It was also my first go in my new shoes - I bought the Brooks Ravenna 6 - after getting my stride checked.  They are a lighter version of the adrenlines which I used to run in.  I did have some heel pain - so I'll have to monitor that - had that last year when I tried switching to asics ds-trainers.
Yesterday I did the 67 minutes strength session - so my legs are pretty shot today.  I'm looking forward to the swim on Tuesday.  Should be some relatively easy days ahead before Fridays 12 miler.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sick Week

This week started out with me sick on Monday.  This involved body aches and a fever.  I felt pretty bad Monday night as well, but woke up feeling relatively better.  By the end of the work day Tuesday I decided to do the Walden swim.  Did about 27 minutes - a good bump up from last week.

Wednesday I made it out from work and did my 3 mile tempo run - with good pacing this time - 3 7:30 miles in a row.  We ran two miles before and after that - the last 2 slow miles actually felt pretty hard in the heat - but I was pretty happy to get the run in after being sick.

Today I did a little over 10 miles in from Arlington - overall pace was 8:10 or so.  The 10 felt easy, but my legs are now pretty sore.  More or less back on track after the little hickup.  

Next week is suppose to be hot - so I'm thinking of doing the track early Monday, and then maybe running in on both Wednesday and Friday if I can do that logistically with the clothes.  We'll see - planning is not my strength.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Walden Swim #2

Two in a row.  Missed my intervals yesterday due to illness.  I was pretty worried about the status of this week - but I made it out to Walden after work and managed a decent workout.  I did 3x8 minute out and backs and another 3 minutes of easy swimming with the kids (out and back to a short marker).  Absolutely gorgeous night out tonight. I'm looking forward to getting back to running tomorrow: 3 mile tempo and 7 total.  Should be fun.

Friday, July 17, 2015

First long run

today I did my first "long" run of the plan.  Only 8.2 miles, but felt hard after the month long layoff.  8:32 pace overall, but harder in the middle, kinda cooled down toward the end due to the heat.  Knee feels good so far.  Maybe an extra swim this weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Finding a Balance

I did my second marathon training run in the heat today.  I was suppose to do 5 miles at tempo pace (7:20-7:40) - but in the heat the pace should have been dialed back to maybe 7:40-7:50.  I had trouble pacing and did the first two miles under 7:20 and ended up with 3 at 7:22 - but I was melting in the heat and had to stop.  Not a huge deal - it was still a nice workout - but since 7:50 is my MP goal - I need to be able to find that better.  In some ways the phone gps was screwing me up - it would have a sub 7 pace showing, and i'd slow a little and it would jump up to over 8 - I don't think i was running that choppy - probably should have just ignored it....

Yesterday did my first swim in forever.  Headed to Walden with bruce.  I did 6 minutes out and back (12 min) - then a 3 minute swim with the girls - then another 6 minutes by myself.  With them playing I didn't want to leave them for too long.  Anyway, a good re-intro - need to focus on doing a solid 1/2 hour next time though.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bay state starts today.

I headed out to the Arlington high track today for a hot muggy interval session to kick off my bay state marathon training.  The session called for 6x800s, but I only managed 4.  I called it good enough, since I hadn't run in 4 weeks.  The knee felt a little funny heading out, but felt fin during the intervals.  Ran the intervals slowish - just under 7s.  Still felt hard.  I feel good now.  Day one is in the books!