Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rehab week 2

This week started with a work trip Monday, so Tuesday kicked things off with a short pool session.  Yesterday I did my first bike into work in forever.  It felt pretty good.  I did notice some ankle soreness last night, which I think has been less pronounced in general.  I decided to forgoe a second trip in this week, and instead try 2 of the shorter alewife trips.  I did the first of those today.  I also did  my first real exhausting swim today.  200, kick for 200 (in place and 2 laps), then 1x400, 2x100 and 4x50 (then some cool down strokes).  I did the 100s in under 2 minutes and the 50s in about 50 seconds, with flip turns.  Swimming hard took a lot out of me.  I'm pretty gassed now.  And hungry.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Break!

Spring break this week.  My goal was to rest the knee and find some other outlets for training.  But all that would have to wait, as I headed up to VT with my family for the first time ever.  We stayed overnight on Sunday and did a nice - though fairly challenging hike near Stowe on Monday.  Tuesday saw my return to work and Wednesday I returned to working out - buying the MIT pool pass.  I did swims each of these last 3 days: 1150, 1250 and 1000.  I also biked to Alewife yesterday and today.  All in all - I probably did 15-16 eq. miles in lieue of running.  I'm hoping to do about 2 swims a week and keep biking to Alewife as much as possible over the next month.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


I was walking around the aresenel st Panara parking lot following my kids guitar recital, and my knee twanged.  Not sure how else to describe the injury. It didn't buckle, but it kinda hurt.  I wore the knee brace shopping the next day, but went ahead and did hills Monday, then ran home from work on Thursday.  The knee felt OK, but not normal.  On the last hill, it kinda twanged again, so I'm in shutdown mode for a few weeks.  Ankle tendinitis was one thing, but I'm going to give the knee a few weeks.

Goal now is to continue shedding weight, and get stronger.  Aiming for full out buff mode fog Italy, and be light and lean and strong when I start again in July.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Running through crappy weather

Training has been difficult the last few days. I was feeling good Wednesday morning, did some strenght work, biked to alewife, did a short 3.7 mile run, then had to bike back from alewife. I was wiped that night, and my face felt cold and raw from the ride home.  This weather kinda stinks.  Yesterday was more the same.  7 mile run down toward Harvard and around to Longfellow.  Chilly and windy run, but I had a good pace going - probably 7:20-7:50 for about 3 of the miles.  Ankle felt better, but need to get new shoes today or tomorrow.  Weight down to 156.6 this morning, lowest in a while, should help my pacing.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Hills, Hills, Hills

Did the 6th hill workout today on a cold, icy Beacon Hill street.  Today's workout: 3x60; 2x90 and 1x120.  Very hard.  They are all hard.  My ankle is still a major problem.  It didn't feel good at all during last week's 9.5 miler.  4 days off and it did ok during the run today, but felt bad this afternoon.  I iced it and rolled the calf and it feels a little better now.  Really need to do more icing/rolling and stretching.  Probably go out for a 7-8 miler Thursday and call it a week.