Friday, September 29, 2006

Busy Week of Running

Following Monday's six-miler, I managed to get my 6x800 intervals in on Tuesday (avg pace: 6:35 min/mile), a Rock swim on Wednesday and a four-mile tempo run today. If I include the Rock swim as '6 miles of running'- that some nice total mileage (~21 for the week). Today's tempo run was fun. I started a little slow (8:08 pace for the first 1/2 mile), then did the next 2.5 miles at an increased pace (17:30 for 2.5 miles; ~7:00 min/mile pace), and finished the last mile at a 7:54 pace. The 7:00 min/mile is basically at the pace I'd hope to run the TB race at, and the distance (2.5 miles) is probably a good 'short tempo' distance considering that TB is only 5.5 miles.

Next week should be fun: a ten-miler home on Monday, a Rock at some point and I'll probably try the intervals next Friday. 3x1 mile intervals - I can't say I'm looking forward to that. I can't imagine I'll be close to the 6:30 goal pace for those - but I'll give it a shot.

Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm off to a good start this week! Did six miles with Larry, including 'the bitch' hill. I marked laps every two miles: 15:49, 15:34 and 16:18 - for an average pace of 7:53/mile (total course was 6.04). Tomorrow looks like another Rock day - lets hope the jelly fish don't come out to play again...

Friday, September 22, 2006


Wednesday I did another Rock run/swim. The total was 3.3 miles running and another 1/2 mile swim. The sound was teeming with jelly fish, so I went a little slow on the way back in (I swam fast going out - ignorance is bliss). Today I did 10x400 intervals at an average of 1:24/400 (or 6:15/mile). I'm thinking I should try and get some 'serious' runs in befor the Tarzan Brown run. Lets see if this works:
  • Next week (last week of Sept): 6x800, Rock, 6 miler.
  • 1st week of Oct.: 3x 1mile, Rock, 10 miler.
  • 2nd week of Oct.: 10x400, Rock, 6 miler.
  • 3rd week of Oct.: 8x600, Tempo, 6 miler.
  • 4th week of Oct.: 3x 1mile, Tempo, 10 miler.
  • 1st week of Nov.: taper for TB.
Intervals should be run ~6:10 - 6:30, Tempo runs ~ 7:10 - 7:30 and 'long' runs ~7:50.
If I cheat and count the Rock runs as 7-milers (4 by land, 3 by sea, using the conversion 0.5 in water ~ 3 miles running), then that gives total mileage of: 18 this week and next, then, 22, 18, 15 and 19. Sounds like a plan.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Today was my first 'Rock' swim of the year. The water was a nice 67 deg., although the sun wasn't able to peak out of the fog. I added a ~2.7 mile run to bring the total round-trip run to an even 4 miles. I figure the 1/2 mile swim is ~3 mile run - so it provides a nice low-impact 'distance' type of workout. Hopefully I can get another one like that in this week.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Damn that was nice. A week at the world famous Cape Cod. I only managed two runs last week, a 3.3 miler/0.5 swim combo (very refreshing swim in the Atlantic) and another 3.3 miler (with hills) after I got home last Saturday (both ~8 min/mile pace).

This week has been difficult to get out, trying to catch-up at work - so today I did the 'Sneaker's mile' run with Larry, which is a nice 'long'/'interval' 2-in-1 combo: 5.7 miles with a 1 mile interval in the middle. The overall pace was decent (7:56) and the mile interval was quicker than I would have guessed (6:35) considering the minor layoff.

Hopefully the rain will get out Friday afternoon so I can get another one in. Here is an ugly pic of me about dead at the triathlon, and one of everyone hitting the water.