Monday, August 27, 2012

Glass in Heel?

Had a pretty awesome week of training last week: Sunday-Wednesday.  Then, during my beach day - my heel somehow got re-aggravated.  Maybe there is still glass in there - or maybe the wound just got re-aggravated.  It's still sore today (Monday morning) - after taking 4 days off.  The one day I did do something - bike into work - my pedal fell off (crappy crank).  Not a great end of the week.  So now the bike is in the shop until at least today or tomorrow.  I did my strength training this week.  Last week I biked a total of 28 miles - it'll be hard to match that again.  And with my heal on ice (for how long???), it may be another sad week to end the summer...  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time to start training!

So I'm finally settling into a schedule - and I should be able to start running at work soon.  This last week I was still on the summer schedule: 9 miles running, 15 on the bike and some strength training (3:30 total).  My averages for the last 7 weeks: 6 miles run; 11 total (~20 bike/week).  This week my goals are to (1) bike all the way in, (2) run from work, (3) do some intervals and (4) keep up the strength.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Schedule.

So the summer schedule has been pretty disjointed this year - but I think I'm actually ok with it now.  Simply put - the run mileage is way down.  This is mainly due to the lack of shower facilities at work.  However, there are reasons not to panic.  First - they are putting in a shower - which should make weekday runs along the Charles a reality going into Fall.  Second - I've done pretty well in the other phases of training.  I've done strength work each of the last six weeks.  And I've managed to hit the bike reasonably hard.  Although it's not as good as a run (especially my little short jaunts), it's better than nothing - and on these hot/humid days - nothing is what I'd probably be doing.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Shore Vacation

Last week started with some workouts - bachelor workouts: st67;y9, swim600; bike 9, bike 5(2.5 in the rain after drinking - does it still count?).  I had 20x200s slated - but drinking with an in-town buddy superseded that.  Then it was 4 days of vacation to round out the week.  Good times with the in-laws down at the shore.  Lots of olympics - but I missed Rupps romp.  Today the family and I went whale watching out of Boston - and then I did 29 minutes of strength.  Still choppy workouts - but almost 3 hours total nevertheless.  It's been humid - so I'm still going to have trouble biking in.  Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and get the MIT thingy, so I can use the showers.