Wednesday, March 29, 2006

5 Miles Wednesday, Mach 29th 2006

Here is a spectacular view of Groton and the Thames river. If you squint, you can see us running today. I finished off 5 miles at a 7:19 pace - which works out to exactly 2222 seconds (spooky?!?!?). The first four miles we covered at a 7:16 pace. Not shabby. Still improving. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

One Week Into Spring

One week into spring and we have our first great day running day. I decided to take it easy this week, but ended up going out pretty fast and finishing my 4 miler with a 7:21/mile pace. This is about 10 sec/mile faster than my previous two tempo runs, so my speed is improving.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Run Home from Work

Here is my 9.7 mile run home from work yesterday. I had a good pace of 8:17/mile over the entire course, and very even splits: 8:13 for the first 3 miles, 8:27 for the next 2.6 and 8:13 for the final 4+. This compares very well with my goal pace of 8:20. I stopped the GPS twice, which accounts for the split points, do to dogs - I slow to a walk to try and avoid getting chased. I think dogs have surpassed cars as my greatest fear during these runs. I should say, despite the dogs, this is a great way to see the town you live in. I'm a lucky man to have a wife who'll drop me off at work without making too much fun of me for being weird. Thanks love.

On Tuesday I ran a 7:36/mile pace for 3.75 miles duing my lunchtime tempo run, which is pretty close to my 7:30 goal and not bad considering the wind we had early in the week.

We finally get some of the spring races starting up. On April 23rd, the Westerly Track & Atheletic Club has it's 26th running of the Clamdigger 5 mile race. Also on the run team schedule are the Flanders 5Kids 5K on April 29th and the L&M 3.5 mile race in New London on May 6th. I may be able to get to all of those. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

Friday Run and Monday Intervals

I went out with a small group last Friday and had a very good 6-mile 'long run', at a 7:55 pace. I know this doesn't sound fast, but the goal pace was 8:10, so I'm really pretty happy about this. The diagram is the route: we head up first, and then down to the coast which has 3 mini-loops (Jupiter point ~ 0.5 miles, the UConn Avery Point campus ~ 0.7 miles and the Esker Point beach parking lot ~ 0.35 miles), and then back up to Pfizer.

Today I did 3x1600 interals which felt very difficult: 6:29, 6:53 and 7:34. The last one doesn't look much like a speed interval - but it was uphill and into a strong wind - these windy days make going out very difficult, but I suppose that's spring in New England. Anyway, the average pace was 6:57, which is only a little off of the 6:55 goal pace. Not bad considering the conditions. I'll probably squeeze in my tempo tomorrow and then jog home from work on Thursday (which I'll blog Friday). Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A day off in Monte Carlo

Well, I'm taking a break from running today. However, we have the wonderful NCAA basketball tourney to keep us occupied. I've been doing some Monte Carlo simulations at work, and decided to see if a similar method could be used on our brackets.

It turns out, you get a decent correlation if you fit the average calculated point differential (for instance, sagarin rankings) , and historical win percentages for the different seeds.The parameters make good sense: 'a' should be close to one and 'b', the 'upset' factor (normally the temperature) is 2. Maybe next year I'll code-up the simulation and run a few million brackets to see who has the best chance of reaching the Final Four.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Interval and Tempo runs (Monday and Tuesday)

Here is a picture of the Avery Point Loop from Pfizer, as diagrammed by my Garmin GPS. I've done two runs so far this week:

1. 6x800 intervals on Monday. My average pace/interval was 6:51 min/mile. Not bad, although I think I can take these lower.
2. Todays run was a 3.9 mile tempo run at a 7:30 pace. The first 3 miles were a little fast at a 7:20 pace, then I kinda died. Hopefully, I can get 4+ miles consistently down at 7:20.

Next up is a 6 mile run - although the weather the next three days is looking windy.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Beautiful Friday Run

Well, I finished the week with a 5.5 mile run at a 8:20 pace. Still a little slow, but I think my body is still recovering from this spring plague that everyone is getting. I'm starting to look forward to the begining of the spring racing season. Monday I have 6x800s - always tough. I'll post my average splits next week.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tempo Run Wednesday

A sick tempo run today. I was slowed down to 8:19/mile for 4.25 miles. Since the readout of today isn't very interesting, I've included a kinda-cool picture of Mondays 10x400's, via my Garmin Forerunner 201. Unfortunately, I've been batteling a cold since then - but at least I made it out today... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My modified Furman University Training Plan

This is the Furman University half-marathon training plan, as published in Runner's World. It being winter/spring here in south-eastern Connecticut, I don't have any immediate plans to run a half-marathon. However, I'd like to keep a similar schedule - so I've devised a simple loop which consists of the 3 main components: an interval day, a tempo-day and a long-run day.Every forth week, I'll run home from work which is 10 miles, and extendible to 14 miles if I do the Bluff Point loop. The next time I run it (should be March 23rd or 24th), I'll post the route. Yesterday, I did the 10x400 intervals at an averate pace of 6 minutes and 42 seconds. Tomorrow, I'll run my standard 4 mile loop of Avery Point. Posted by Picasa