Monday, May 30, 2011

Stonington Bearathon

I signed up for this one - I thought it was 'beerathon'. Turned out to be 5k race around Mason's Island. I finished in 21:40 - good for a 7:00 min/mile pace. I felt horrible - I think I have a mold allergy. And, although it wasn't hot out - the humidity must've been pushing 100%. I started at 7:00 min/mile pace and new I was in trouble after the 1/2 mile mark - I felt the legs starting to get sore and very sluggish. It's been a weird allergy - it doesn't really knock me out - but certainly keeps me from feeling good. Hopefully I can shake it by Friday. I hit 1 mile at about 7 min/mile pace and 2 miles a little over 14 minutes. Then I really struggled for the last mile - I could feel my back really tightening up - but managed to hold the 7 pace till the end. It's actually a little encouraging - not having your best and clicking off 7s. Results are already in! Great job Snerro dudes. It's funny - 2010 was all about redemption - not a single bad race, 2 PRs. 2011 is starting to feel like a bit of a struggle. Hopefully I'll be able to get healthy and go on a role.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 9 Intervals

I did 1600;800;1600 today. The first mile was ~7 minutes, the 800 was under 3 - but I can't remember how much below - maybe a 5:40 pace. The last 1600 was 6:30. Rainy day - but it was pretty nice when I went out at 4.


Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the World Edition

So I had a solid week. 21 miles - broken down to 3 runs. Monday I did 5 miles - but the workout was 4x800s. I really liked this workout - it is kinda over before you know it - but you certainly find yourself working pretty hard for those 4 intervals. Wednesday I did 5 miles pretty quick ~ 38 minutes - but the first one was ~8 min/mile, so the final 4 should've been around 7:30 or slightly under. Not the best tempo pace - but Larry and I were certainly working hard. Today was the dreaded 11 miler. Funny how 11 miles during marathon training is the easiest workout ever - but now, over 18 months later, feels pretty hard again. I did it in 1 hour 37 minutes. I ended up running it this morning after dropping the kids off at school. I did the first 3rd in 35 minutes (beginning 'till the rail road tracks), then I did the Haly farm loop (from rr-tracks back to Bluff point parking) in 31 minutes - and finished the last 3.6 miles in 31 minutes. It was a good workout - it felt long - but certainly build confidence for the Twilight Trail Run. Hopefully the world can hold it together until then!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 7 Done!!!

Week 7 is finished. Two tough workouts - two pretty easy workouts. Tuesday was hills: 60;60;60;90;120 and then today (Friday) was the long run - 10 miles over 1 hour 23 minutes - and included 2 tough hills near the end. Weather was very nice all week. The other 2 runs were just 5 mile loops on Monday and Wednesday. I was going to try tempo work Wednesday - but maybe did a 7:20 for the last 2 miles - not much.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Week 6 Running in the Books

I finished off four straight days of running with a 56 minute 7 miler today. It felt pretty difficult - but I think that was a product of (1) 4 days of running and (2) work stress. I did a short/fast 4 miler yesterday - which included 2 miles at a sub 7:30 pace. Not a bad 4 days: hills, intervals, tempo and 'long' back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Next week the intervals are easier, but the tempo is longer and the long run should be back in the 9-10 range.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Week 6.

How long is this training plan anyway? Ah yes, 10 weeks. With that in mind - I was hoping to get some speed in. Problem is, I'm still doing hill-work. Solution: back-to-back hill-speed days! And that's exactly what I did. Yesterday - great day for running - did 60;75;90;60;75;90. Relatively easy as hill-work goes. The hill we train on rewards longer intervals because it flattens out a little at the top - and as a bonus the rest time (going back down) is longer.

We followed that up with an attempt at a 3x1600 - which we turned into: 1600;800;1600. We were going to do another 800 at the end - but that seemed like overdoing it a little. The first 1600 was form the golf course to just past Avery point (2nd house on the left). The 800 was around Jupiter and the final 1600 was the Sneeker's mile. Times looked good: 6:40, 3:02; 6:35 - actually ran the last one a little faster.

I'm hopping to do 4 miles tomorrow - including a 2 mile 'tempo' (but pretty easy); and then 8 miles Friday.

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