Friday, June 21, 2013

That was a long day...

That felt like the longest day of the year.  Very tired now.

Did the bike in Monday (13), and another 9 miles the rest of the week.  Highlight of the week was a good 5 miler around the old hood with an old friend.  Did 4.5 around Boston today - but very tired now.

Monday, June 17, 2013

More Rain.

More rain - mess'n my training.  I did manage that last bike in last week:  18 miles biking - over 8 miles running.  Not a great week - but really not that bad - kinda condensed on one end.  Biked in today - but the rest of this week look like it'll be tough to get many runs in.  I feel as though I'll never get back into a good training groove - but the bike commuting is nice since it gives me another way of getting some exercise in.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Rain.  Lots and lots of rain the last 1/2-week.  Nevertheless, I must continue to train like the elite athlete I know I am.  Sunday I did my first strength workout in 5 weeks (yikes!), a short 32 minute affair which managed to torch my legs for these last 2 days.  I did a hard 4.7 yesterday with larry - including a 7:30 mile and a 7:00 mile.  Today - legs feeling like hell - I did a shorter/slower 3.7.  Not much biking - only 4.5 roundtrip to alewife yesterday.  Rain makes it tough on biking - I may try to bike in tomorrow.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Efficient Week

This week was a little weird.  Rain on Monday/Friday and work Tuesday meant that most of my mileage came on two back-to-back days.  I actually did get 9 miles commute biking on Tuesday to go with 9 more over the next two days.  Wednesday we did a long-ish run: 6.5 miles from work.  Yesterday was 4.5 - I felt pretty awful both days - but allergies really made yesterday rough.  Nevertheless, the week totals look ok: 11 miles running and 18 on the bike (~17 eq. miles) squished into 3 days.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Go Fly a Kite.

So the week before last was pretty good from a workout perspective.  15 miles broken up over 3 runs, and  27 miles biking via the commute - totaling over 5 hours!  Very nice.  The week at work was great as well - very quite - got a lot accomplished.

Last weekend was my daughter's 7th.  Happy birthday kido - hope your life is all flying unicorns.  The week went pretty downhill from that point.  Horrible day memorial day.  Made it for one run Tuesday (and 5 miles biking) - but was sick the remainder of the week.  blistering headache - super crabby wife.  You name it - it sucked last week.  Here's hoping for a little less pollen (i'm blaiming allergies for this) and hormones moving forward - and a few more happy miles.