Tuesday, March 25, 2014


16 years later - 100 people have cited this article; my first during my grad-school tenure.  It may be the only 100 citation work of my career - so I'll celebrate it now.  Woohoo!

No running - staying home this week and - writing papers of all things....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Short Update

Chilling watching march madness.  Ran twice last week (Tue/Wnd), then sat on my butt Friday and watched basketball.  Saw a play - a real drama - in Boston Friday - the kind with real actors and an original script and no music or anything.  It was probably the first time in my life I've done that.  Had the 'daddy-daughter' dance on Saturday.  Ice cream afterword probably didn't help my weight loss plan.  Made an interesting sweet-potato pancake thing tonight - my oldest daughter actually ate it!  Butt hurts from strength workout yesterday.  Did plank/stretching today to start the week.  Will be running from home this week and writing papers.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

First race in a year.

I headed over to Somerville for my first race since this race last year.  Given the winter we had, I knew I wasn't going to be breaking my pr.  I ended up with 21:22 - which is about 6:53s.  A pretty poor showing.  I started well - 6:27 at the first mile marker, 13:40 at the second - so I must have really slogged it in the last mile.  Oh well - I'll take what I can from it - and train harder moving for the next race.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Running Fast

Today I slogged over to MITs track to get a legit speed workout in before Sunday's race. I decided to go for the 200;400;600;800 and back down.  I did the first 400 in about 1:30 min flat.  I decided to not so much time the 600 except for the last 400 (to make it easier) and I was hitting those around 1:40.  I did both 800s at 3:19.  The last 400 I tried going real hard and was just under 1:20 - so that was fun. Track was slushy - but runable.  Legs hurt now - should probably do some stretching.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Race Training

From the plot - my weight kinda rebounded from week seven, and I'm struggling to keep it down.  I'm one week away from my first race in a year, and I'm in pretty bad shape.  I blame the winter - this has been a tough winter.  Last weekend was brutal, and I was so drained Monday that I did nothing.  I manged to rebound Tuesday: I did a strength workout before work, and then a lunch run.  Wednesday I drove to Groton and did the old loop - 5.2 miles.  I took Thursday off, but then did the run into work Friday for my longest run of the year at 6.2 miles, including a 5 or 6 ~1/2 mile fartleks.  A good week - but I think I'm in a bit of trouble next weekend - no way I sniff 6:34s.  Oh well - I'll just have to find a few more runs later in the spring.