Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running Omaha

Following move week - I flew to Omaha Nebraska for some much needed relaxation, running and watching CWS baseball.  The games were great.  Amazing community support for the event - although it seems as though the locals spend much of the time socializing - nevertheless, a great atmosphere.  We'd watch 2 games every day.  I realized baseball, in sharp contrast to basketball (nba finals) and soccer (euro2012), is much less subjective - plays are for the most part cut and dried - and *much* less whining/crying (and blatant acting) from players.  A very refreshing sport in that sense.

I did manage 4 runs Friday-Monday of distances 5,5,3 and 3 miles.  The last 3 runs were with my nephew, and the first one was by myself.  Tuesday was a little too hot.  The heat-wave we had here in New England, I had in Omaha on Tuesday.  I also managed a few strength workouts.  All-in-all, not a bad few days of activity.  I've taken Thursday/Friday/Saturday off to settle in the house, but hope to get a good strength dvd in tomorrow, and get into the summer workouts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gone but not for Groton.

And that is all she wrote.  My 13 year career at Pfizer in Groton is over today.  After ~8 years of lunch running - I figure I did this 5 mile loop at least 400 times in some form or another: loping loops (like today), off-track intervals, part of a tempo run or part of a longer loop.  Once I did this as part of my 22 miler prepping for a marathon.  I would like to thank my 4 main running buds: Dave Tingley, Larry James, Dave Bernardson and Greg Preston - for their friendship over the years.  It was a rare run that wasn't accompanied by one or more of those 4.  We've supported each other through having/raising kids, injuries, lay-offs, and enumerable corporate silliness.   Though what I'll remember most is being able to look forward to seeing a friend, getting out, and the day-to-day rambling discussions that evolve during normal runs. After every single run, I've felt better about life than I did before it.  What a great break in the day it's provided.

Hopefully this place will bounce back.  Hopefully I'll get to return often to visit (and run).  Hopefully my knees won't give out anytime soon.  Thanks for all the memories.


Friday, June 08, 2012

Fifty Shades of Bray.  Probably the best off-season post we'll see in '12.  Move week continues.  Still leaving in a basement - will head up to new house today.  Should be finishing a paper today - but went for last run with Larry around the normal loop + (probably our last) Sneakers Mile (ever).  Very sad/nostalgic.  7:15 for me; 6:45 for Lar.  Managed over 12 miles running yesterday and today - over 17 for the week.  Not bad for my last full week running in Groton.  I'll probably get out once or twice next week - then that's it.  After 13 years, that'll be it.  Pretty depressing stuff - but some days, that's where it's at.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New Life Begins...

...soon.  All our crap is moved - but we're still in Mystic waiting for the school year to end.  Last Wednesday was probably the saddest (non death-related) day in my life.  Absolutely devastating to do the final walk through of our Mystic house.  No way I can put a shine that crap day.  The good news is (1) we do have a new home in what looks to be a nice neighborhood and (2) the moving/un-packing is largely done.

Through it all I did manage 3 workouts:  a 35 minute strength dvd on Monday, and then runs on both Thursday and (4.4 miles) and Friday (4 miles).  Really not a horrible week considering all the goings on.  I haven't done anything the last 3 days - mostly due to unpacking - although the weather here has sucked anyway.  I did make it out today for 5 with Larry.  I should be able to do another 5 Thursday - and maybe something on Friday before we head back up to the new casa.

In other news, I missed my first Twilight Trail Run since 2005.  bummer.  I'll have to try and start some new traditions this summer.