Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Travel, Travel, Travel...

That is my excuse for not blogging.  2 weeks ago we headed to Jersey - didn't do much Wed-Friday.  Made it out for one run (4.7) and one trip on the bike (13).  The next week was only slightly better: one run (4.7) and 3 bikes for 31 miles.  This week - wanting to get back in the swing of things, I've started out with 2 runs (10.7 miles) and 2 bike-ins for 26 miles.  Pretty good - although my ass needs a rest.  Also I got pulled over by a cop today for going about 4 mph up a hill on a two-way street that has a sign in front saying do-not-enter.  I won't complain much - but wtf?  Next time I bike i'm walking it up - but these towns really make it rough on bikers.  I could understand if the road was closed to traffic - but I can rip down that same street the other way at 30 mph.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Great Spring Week.

Me in the middle there...I managed 6 workouts in 6 days last week, as the giro gets underway in Italia.  Sunday I did 67 brutal minutes of Bob Harper workout, followed Monday by what is basically my recovery run (4.7 easy).  Tuesday I biked in - record time in (32 minutes and change) and back (37+).  Wednesday kinda stunk because I didn't get out till later, but I did the interval ladder: 200,400,600,800,800,600,400,200 total of 6.3 miles.  Thursday I did another round-trip biker and Friday a fast 4.7 with the normal crew (36 minutes vs. the 38 it took on Monday).  So that was over 15 miles on foot and 26 miles biking (good for over 21 eq.miles).  This coming week will be less inspired since Sunday/Friday/Saturday are out.  I'll aim for one bike (Monday), and maybe 2 runs: Tue/Thr.