Saturday, January 20, 2018

In sickness and in health

Last week I was feeling pretty sick - I did a 4 mile run last Thursday from work and a 7 miler last Saturday - up and down Arlington.  I also did two rows and mixed in some strength workout - for sick week - not bad (11 miles running and 8 xt units).  This week was more back to normal.  Runs of 6 and 7 miles on Tuesday and Friday, rows Monday and today (saturday) - along with some strength.  I'm trying some 'strength and mobility' workouts to try and help my stride and overall health heading into the spring season.  Legs feel tired now from yesterday's 7 miler.  A pretty good week considering this winter has had it's cold and snow days.  Still a long way to go this winter - so hopefully i can keep things going.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

New Year Rowing

I made it out exactly once this week - Wednesday from work at lunch - for a slow, icy 6-miler.  I probably could have pushed it more - but the ice made footing a bit slippery.  Better to live to run another day.  That left a lot of days open for XT work.  I rowed Monday, Thursday and Saturday - 28 minutes each day - which I equate to about a 5k of running.  I did some minor strength workouts and lots of snow shoveling as well.  Tiss the season to XT. 

I had trouble coming up with a '3 best list' for 2017.  No races really stood out - but after some thought here are the four in no particular order.  Most unique experience was the 5k in AZ at 6:30 in the morning and 100 degree temps.  It was my slowest 5k - but I won my age group - so that is cool.  Best feeling race was the battlegreen 10k.  Had this been a flatter course - I would have mauled my old 10k record.  Best I felt all year.  Best achievement was either the AM mile - my fastest ever or the half (1 minute off best ever).  Both were just a bit lacking which is why it is hard to pick the best.  The mile wasn't a big leap, and the half was marred by sickness which held it back from being better - but i'm proud of both.  Maybe the best thing I did this year was recommit to racing - 11 races my most ever - and more than double what i've been doing since i moved to mass.