Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sunset of Summer

Summer is heading to a close and i'm in the midst of closing out my 3rd week of training.  I managed a good week last week - did the 5x800s last Sunday - at about a 6:20 pace (3:10).  I did 7.3 miles last Thursday and did 8.2 miles today.  Still seems short - but that's all this race is calling for.  Ideally I'll do either some mile repeats or some on track ladder tomorrow - but I may skip one of the interval sessions next week (labor day week is always a little difficult).  Today's 8 has left me sore.  The heel continues to hurt for the first mile or so, and now I feel good sore.  Not perfect - but once fall weather hits - hopefully I can start killing it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Worst Summer?

Ahh summer time.  This summer has been too busy.  I'm usually ok going along with the ride, but this summer has totally kicked my ass.  I won't go into how it started out - just to say that we've made two trips down to Jersey - neither of them much fun (late June, 2nd week of August).  In between those trips I've had vacation where it rained for 48 hours, a bike wreck that i'm still hurting from, weekends in which i've spent buying a new car (no fun), in-house construction by a group of true hucksters, possible broken toe and stung by a bee.  I've tried to keep my head above water - but this moment right now is pretty much the only time i've had to sit down a write a little.  Works had it's moments as well.  Probably not worth going into that.  My mood is pretty low.  

Having said that - i'm trying to train my way out of it.  I'm aiming for a 10k in lexington in November - I managed 8x400s last Tueday and a 6.3 miler last Friday.  I'd like to try and get out today for 5x800s.  Hopefully fall will bring some piece and fun - and winter will be mild.