Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Crisp Fall Weather

Finally!  Felt so good heading out today.  Workout called for 5 miles at 7:20 pace.  I did the first mile in 7:32 and sped up: 7:06, 7:06, 7:19 and 7:11.  Felt really good.  That is all!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

October Weird

Tuesday I did a tempo from work.  5 miles at 7:24 pace.  A little hot for this time of year.  No shirt and plenty of sweat.  I did a better job pacing than I have on some of my other humid days - so that was good.

Big run of the week was a 14 miler on Thursday morning.  Polar cold this time.  Under Armor and gloves.  I left around 6:15 and did about 8:05 for the first 13 miles.  Kind of let myself struggle up the hill at the end.  Felt pretty good afterward - considering it was probably my longest effort in about a year.

Today I was back to being shirtless - running around the AHS track for 3x1600s.  Hit them pretty good ~ 6:30 for each one.  They didn't feel great - but I suppose they're not meant to.  26.4 miles for the week.  I was thinking of doing baystate half next weekend - but the wifey has me going to CT for some rental chores.  Maybe i'll try and find a 5k or something down there - but for some reason they don't have much going on in October.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Two more "fall" runs

So week 6 is in the books.  Got up Thursday and did my 5 mile tempo run in 7:22s - about 7:20 if you look at the gap pacing - since a good chunk was up into arlington.  I started slow - and went down into belmont - then did fastish 4 miles into davis and back to alewife - then a 7:29 mile into arlington center.  slogged home.  A good tempo.  The workout had a 6mile medium tempo - but I didn't think I could manage that since it was pretty hot out.  5 seems plenty.

Today i did 1k,2k,1k,1k workout.  similar to the 1m,2m,2x800 - but a little easier.  Super humid today.  The first 1k feels like a warmup.  I did 4 minutes.  Then the 2k i didn't really time since it was off track - just ran it hard.  The next two 1ks were very hard.  I did the first in under 4, but I think the last one was 4:07 or so - feeling a little gassed - but I guess that is why we do them.

I'll start this week with an afternoon 5 mile tempo from work - hopefully the humidity breaks tuesday.  Then thursday morning i'll do an early morning 14 miler.  fun!  should be nice and cool at least.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Lingering Effects

I made it out Sunday afternoon for some track intervals.  Perfect day - did 4x1200s at about a 4:55/per - which I think is just over the goal of 6:30 min/mile.  They felt hard - but pretty doable.  Probably still had some lingering ecold ffects - in particular I was really dead at the end of the run.  My pace going uphill and home was over 10 min/mile - which is really bad for me.  It reminded me a bit of the end of last weeks 12 miler - not good.

Today went better.  The workout called for 10 miles at a 7:45 pace, but i did 10 in 7:39 - and was probably close to 7:30s for the first 9 miles - last mile is always a bitch.  Loop took me to Davis, then back up the bikepath.  Felt awesome to feel and run good again and gives me