Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweat'n It

Not a ton of biking lately, but I managed a good 13 miles today commuting - first non-humid commute in what feels like a long while.  Actually - a very fine, dry day.  In addition to the run, I made it 6 miles running at lunch - added to yesterday's run that now almost 11 for the week.  Did a solid 18 miles running last week.  Three of them were humid, horrible runs - one was ok.  Missing in training has been the strength.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

le Boiling!

'le Boiling' is French for f'n humid.  What an incredible finale though for the tour this year.  Absolutely stunning to watch.  Had about the worst weekend imaginable - but loved the hour or so I watched of that finish.  So far this week: 2 runs in 2 days - both around 4.8 miles - both at slow paces.  Today's was in 90% humidity.  Just shit weather in Boston all year.  Sounds negative?  No doubt - but looking over the ol'blog - not many great weeks.   Is this the norm?  Hope to hell the answer is no.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Week

Look - no training last week!  And some boiling hot weather has made running/biking this week difficult.  I've partially compensated by doing some long-lost strength work (1 hour spread over 3 workouts).  I'll try and get back to running next week.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Frankly Mr. Morsi

"...this position I held."  So when did the Smiths front man become the president of Egypt?  I'd love to see a Venn diagram of Egyptian politics and Smiths fans.  I managed a well rounded workout last week:  strength training, one ride in and two moderate runs.  Not bad considering the weather has either been sweating hot or raining.  This week I've done 2 runs in 100% humidity and not much of anything else.  But, you know what?  f'it.  If i'm in Egypt this week - i'm blasting some Smiths and celebrating the 4th!