Monday, February 29, 2016


This post has nothing to do with the Oscars, although I did go to a party last night.  Great weather these last few days.  I made it out for a 6 miler yesterday - a rare weekend run.  I did the first 3 miles pretty slow, but then did 2x7 min/miles coming back down the bikeway.  It's not really that impressive since it's running downhill - but what the hell.  Today Larry and I headed to beacon hill for 6x60 hill repeats.  They sucked - but it needs to be done.  Also did my first to and from alewife on the bike in a long time.  Pretty tired now...
Update: weight down to 157ish.  Almost my goal of 8 pounds, but I'm going to keep going down below 155.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Don't call it a warmup.

Sometimes you just have to skip a run.  This week saw some weird weather.  I got my Monday, Wednesday runs in ok, the normal 4.7.  Thursday I wanted short, so we did 3.5 slow in what felt like a wind tunnel.  It was warm, but it sucked.  Yesterday, the wind was still awful, but the temp was down to 30, so I just skipped it.  I hope to make it out tomorrow, I'm going to wait this wind out dammit.   Good news is I hit a new low of 158 lbs this morning.  -7 for the last two months.  Woohoo.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Travel wwe

I predicted this week would kinda suck, and that as about right.  I started out with runs Monday and Wednesday, which I did by myself.  The good news is I ran them hard: 35:30.  I had a travel day Thursday, then did a strenght workout Friday.  Saturday I did an act boardwalk run that was about a 5k, but it was a slog.  Did a kinda easy strenght today.  So not a great week, but not bad.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Well Rounded Week

So I finally got back to the pool this week.  Monday was a cold-snowy day, and I managed to do my longest swim yet: 1250.  It felt great to finally get back after my two weeks of equipment errors.  In some ways I like the pool, but I am not going to re-up after this week because I hate pulling myself over there - it just always feels like a hassle.  Tuesday I did the 4.7 loop with Larry. Wednesday I was in Groton and drank more than I should have.  Thursday was back in the pool for my final swim for awhile - 1200.  Friday I did another nice 4.7 with larry in the 18 degree cold.  It actually felt really nice without the wind.  Today I did 18 minutes of upper body/hips and then the 20 minute runners world one i've been doing + some stretching.  I feel pretty good about the week.  Looking forward to trying to do 3 runs next week. - although next week is winter week - so i may not get all my workouts in.  In fact, it very well may kinda suck.  Maybe I should aim to get back the week after that...

Sunday, February 07, 2016

An ok off week

Sometimes the winter workouts just don't come together.  This week, I managed two runs and an almost hour strength session.  I skipped a swim workout due to a combination of sick and laziness, then I missed another one Friday due to me forgetting my swim shorts.  Slick.  Still, 3 solid workouts during a week that saw snow and sickness is pretty good.  Weight dipped below 160 for the first time in a while.  Hopefully start stretching that down toward 155-157 range.  157 would represent a 5% loss - so that would be good.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Slope side

Made it skiing finally - Sunapee NH on Sunday.  My legs were shot Monday/Tuesday - but I still made it out running yesterday.  Hoping to squeeze in a swim today.