Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer 5K

Last night I headed over to the Charles river for an after work 5k race.  Although it's been cool all week, it was very humid for the race - and i pretty much melted after 1 mile.  Splits were: 6:44, 7:02 and 7:02.  Strava gave this only 3.0 miles.  Humidity aside, it was a gorgeous night along the river and the after party looked fun.  I'll defenately go to the august one.

Probably my best workout of the week was Sunday: 5x800s down at the AHS track.  It was a nice and cool morning and I knocked them at a 6:45 pace - with only 45 seconds between intervals.  I also ran an easy 4.5 from work tuesday afternoon.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Reentry Week

We made it back from Nova Scotia last Sunday - and had a busy 5 days that included a quick grocery store trip, 5 days of work and mowing the lawn.  I managed a few runs on the trip - but won't go into them.  They were gorgeous.  Nice and cool.

Back to reality of running in eastern Mass during the summer.  Monday's run was from work - very hot - felt like i had never run before in my life - 3.6 miles.  Wednesday I got up early and did a little over six up  and down the bike path.  90% humidity - kinda felt like garbage the rest of the day.  Yesterday's was the best feeling - 4.3 miles at about an 8 min/mile pace.  Hot but not too humid.  

Since i'm planning on a late fall half - I have about 6 weeks here to try and stay in shape and drop a few more pounds before training gets serious again.  I managed to maintain a weight of about 150 over the last 3 weeks.  It stayed steady this week - and I'll try getting down to 145-148 before starting the half training.  It is funny, the first 5 pounds flew off - but it's basically been a month of maintaining 150 - a bit more stubborn - but travel food may have something to do with that.

Week coming up:   maybe intervals tomorrow, a fun-run 5k thursday and off to NH next weekend.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

4th of July Race

I headed out to concord yesterday morning and did a 5 miler.  Weather was nice for this time of year - and we had a nice fast start: 6:36 - probably too fast.  Second mile I tried slowing down, but not too much: 7:09 - some uphill parts.  6:51 and 6:52 for the next 2 miles.  Kinda bunched up with some people at the end and had a good finish - 6:48 coming in.  Strava pace was 6:51 - 6:59 according to the official timing.  Either way I managed under 35 for the 5 miler.  It was hot coming in the last 2 miles - so i'm pretty happy with the effort.  Now a few days off before some running in Canada later this week.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Half way point

Now that summer has begun, I'm looking at the last week on my 'winter' plan before i head to the fall of 2017 tracking sheet.  Averages are 17 miles/week running for the winter and 21 for my modified xt miles.  Pretty consistent.  The down weeks were usually on or around racing weeks or earlier in the winter.  I think every week had at least 3 runs.  And I managed 3 races (4 if we count the ragnar) - with another possible one this week.  The good news is that I don't have to change to much going into fall - i'll aim for 3-4 runs and lots of strength training for the half.  I'll probably keep the intensity ok for now - but aim to pick it up when the weather cools.  I should probably start hitting the track again when i return from canada.

This week was pretty typical.  I did lunch runs from work on Monday and Wednesday - each about 4.5 miles at a 8:11 and 8:08 paces - so pretty easy.  I gave myself 2 days off and then did a nasty hot run up the bikepath yesterday - 8 miles at an 8:30 pace.  Absolute swampy mess when i got back.  It's suppose to cool off for Tuesday - so maybe the race will be good.

Yeah, that green isn't grass - it is nasty swamp water.

I did get out to Walden for a 20 minute swim on Wednesday night, and we did a family bike ride up to lexington on thursday.  So plenty of exercise this week.


Weight has been holding steady.  mid-week lows around 149 and change.  Weekend high was this morning at 151 - not great - but eating out and beers really tough to avoid this time of year.  I'm going to head shopping and try and get some good lean food to eat.