Saturday, July 22, 2017

Reentry Week

We made it back from Nova Scotia last Sunday - and had a busy 5 days that included a quick grocery store trip, 5 days of work and mowing the lawn.  I managed a few runs on the trip - but won't go into them.  They were gorgeous.  Nice and cool.

Back to reality of running in eastern Mass during the summer.  Monday's run was from work - very hot - felt like i had never run before in my life - 3.6 miles.  Wednesday I got up early and did a little over six up  and down the bike path.  90% humidity - kinda felt like garbage the rest of the day.  Yesterday's was the best feeling - 4.3 miles at about an 8 min/mile pace.  Hot but not too humid.  

Since i'm planning on a late fall half - I have about 6 weeks here to try and stay in shape and drop a few more pounds before training gets serious again.  I managed to maintain a weight of about 150 over the last 3 weeks.  It stayed steady this week - and I'll try getting down to 145-148 before starting the half training.  It is funny, the first 5 pounds flew off - but it's basically been a month of maintaining 150 - a bit more stubborn - but travel food may have something to do with that.

Week coming up:   maybe intervals tomorrow, a fun-run 5k thursday and off to NH next weekend.


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