Saturday, June 10, 2017

June, week 1

Post race recovery included an 11 year old b-day sleepover with a dozen kids.  brutal.  as soon as they got picked up I headed out for an 8 miler up and down the bike path - which felt great except for my right knee is starting to flare up again.  I rested Monday and went out for a lunch run in CT on tuesday.  that may have been the best run of the week - awful 50 degree rainy day - but we got a perfect window for running - and my friend pushed the pace to 7:50s for a few miles - so i wasn't a total slacker all week.  I then went out thursday and friday from work.  The later was with the running group at work - but most were >9min/mile.  I went with the one guy who was doing 9s for 3 miles, and then picked it up for the final 2.  Knee pain was pretty bad for the thursday run, but i kt taped it and it felt pretty good yesterday and feels ok this morning.  magic shit, that tape.  Nevertheless, i may do no running this weekend, and aim for monday/thursday (possible race) - which would give me 2 days rest between runs for a bit.  see if that knee feels a bit better next week.

In other news, I've been counting calories again for the last week and i am focused on getting a little leaner and stronger.   i've been holding steady at around 152-153 the last few days - but have been well under my goal net calories for most of the week: 714, 1671, 1058, 1340, 1177, 1073.


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