Friday, April 21, 2017

The Spring Break that wasn't

Yesterday I went out for a 10k specific workout: 2x2 miles at proposed 10k pace.  The workout actually called for 1 minute off inbetween.  Which seems insane, so i did a 1 mile run in the middle.  The 2 mile intervals were run at fresh pond.  I did 7:16, 7:12 for the first two.  7:20, 7:20 for the second intervals.  Very hard - doesn't give me a ton of confidence of breaking 7 for the 10k - but I figure I'm better off running it than not - and then refocus on the mile race.  I still have two more workouts: 8x400s this weeked and another 20-30 minute tempo run next week.

Kids have been home from school this week - Elena has been sick Sun-Wnd, which has thrown a wrench in my wife's plans - but she is feeling better - hopefully they'll get a good 4 day weekend.


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