Saturday, March 25, 2017

Runs Divided.

This week had four runs in groups of two.  Monday night after work, I did 5 mile run up and down the bikeway.  Tuesday morning I woke up and did more hills: 30,45,60,75 and back down.  That is 3 of the 8 hill workouts done.  I took wednseday and thursday (ct) off.  Yesterday I ran 4.1 miles from work.  The weather was a little crappy - not the best run.  Today was very nice though - the weather was cloudy and drizzly, but no wind or cold.  I did 7 miles up and down the bikeway, but did a split 2x2 mile tempo.  The pace for the first two "up" was 7:30 and 7:26, while the pace down was 7:09 and 7:11.  Strava has a conversion for elevation change - and those 4 miles look like: 7:22, 7:04, 7:27 and 7:21.  That's about how it felt.  The end of the second one was really hard, but then running back down was pretty easy.  Also on Strava - I am over 50% done on my climb challenge with 1076 meters.  I clearly won't make it to 2000, but maybe i'll aim for 1200.  I'm just short of 100km for distance for the month - should make that easy.


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