Sunday, April 02, 2017


Today I ran into arlington thinking of doing my 10k-specific 5x800s along the bikeway - but to my surprise, the hs track had the snow melted off.  pays to have a black track.  So i ran this workout - which called for 800s at a 10k pace - which i was thinking would be about 3:30s or just under - and only 45 seconds of easy jog inbetween.  that bit makes a big difference.  the first one felt pretty good - but the lack of recovery really had me dreading the start of the new ones - and trying to focus on pacing.  It was really hard - but felt pretty good to be done.

I hit my highest weekly mileage since marathon week last October.  I felt pretty good after todays run, but just did a little walk to enjoy the nice weather, and am feeling pretty tired now.


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