Thursday, March 30, 2017

A mid-week

Not much going on this week.  Tuesday I did the 4th hill workout - 45,60,75,90,75,60,45.  Wednesday I ran home from work via freshpond - 8 miles total - really nasty weather though.  It was suppose to be one of the nicer days, but it was 40s and windy - blustery feel.  sucked.  this morning the plan was to run into work, but I had a sick kid (and another with a concussion) - so i ran into work, drove the car home, took the concussed kid to school and talked to the nurse, then took the sick kid to the health clinic, then went to work.  not exactly as planned.  overall - 15.5 slowish miles.  I'm hoping to do 5x800s either on or off track on sunday...


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