Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tough April

So after a difficult and cold March, we entered spring break with high hopes only to have an unfortunate late spring flu really trip up the whole break.  To recount the injuries/illnesses: Elena - concussion and flu, Julia - hurt foot, wife - tick bite - on antibiotic and hoping to avoid lime disease.  So with these happy thoughts in mind, I headed to the AHS track today to belt out my 8x400s.  The goal pace was a little slower (1:45s) but with only 30 seconds of rest.  I did the first six at about a 1:40 pace - and was feeling pretty good - so I tried dropping the pace on the last two: 1:35 and 1:35.  The 30 second rest does make it more challenging - but not too bad.  The intervals have been pretty good - but I'm a little worried for next weeks 10k since the 2x2 miler felt impossible.  Not sure what my 'go out' pace should be next Sunday.  I'm thinking of playing it a little conservative: 7:10s - and see what happens at the 5k point.  The problem there - is i'll have already given up over 30 seconds to a 7 minute pace - not sure how i'll get that back.  My battlegreen pace was 6:58 - on a hilly as hell course - so maybe i should push it more...  Guess I need to think a little about this.


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