Saturday, June 03, 2017

Concord Mile

Thursday night I headed to Concord to run in the "40-89" year old heat at the ARNO mile.  I've been angling for this all winter/spring - so I had hopes of maybe running under 5:50 - certainly another sub-six.  It is a meet that is filled mostly with running club members, and it went out real fast (for me).  The first 400 was 1:20.  To fast.  I managed the next 3 laps at ~1:30, and came in at 5:49 - a new PR.  Makes me wonder what I could have run when I was younger had a trained a bit better.  In any case, it is probably my best race since the 2016 ras na hiernan (6:42s 5k) or the 2015 yulefest (6:34s).  

So that wraps up the "spring season" - a 5k, 10k and mile - with the mile being the main focus.  With some improved speed - i'm going to go into the fall looking for a good half.  The training paces look daunting: 5 miles at a 7:20; 10 at a 7:50 - especially through july/august. And will i really manage to get in 3 solid runs a week?  Will the tracks be open during the summer?


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