Sunday, May 07, 2017

Allergy Week

This week the allergies hit.  I did my first run, home from work - a goal of 9 miles with a good 15-20 minute pickup.  Felt really bad about 2 miles in, and just run half-way around fresh pond kinda slow and then headed home.  Felt awful the whole way - blustery cold May weather - run totally sucked.  Total of 5.8 miles and I crashed on the basement floor for about 20 minutes.  Felt like I had a fever.  Watched survivor and got some sleep - felt better on the way to work.  I changed my breakfast to just eggs and turkey sausage - trying to avoid wheat and rice.  Seemed to work as the run into work felt better - although still a slow 4 miles.

Today I went out for intervals at the track.  Rain the last few days seemed to help allergies.  Felt pretty good.  I wanted about 1:30s/400 - and pretty much did that - maybe 1:31s or 1:32s for the 8 - faster at the beginning, but falling off a little.  I did take plenty of time inbetween - since I wanted to hit the 1:30s - and not do the 1:35-1:40s like before.  Next week is 12x200s.  I should be able to push those to sub 45s pretty easy.  Hopfully the eggs and claritin keep the allergies at bay.


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