Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Running

1st day of summer was this week.  I remember some great days of summer running in CT - and I feel like i'm hitting my stride a bit here.  It's certainly hotter and muggier than the ct shore.  That was in full effect this week.  I did an easy run Monday morning.  It was hot and muggy and sweaty - but I kind of loved it - felt like I was getting free extra training.  Wednesday was nice and cool - and I had another faster run - not as fast as the week before - but moving pretty good.  Friday I ran a slow 5 miles with some co-workers - very hot - but a nice change of pace.  Today I did 7.5 up and down the bike path.

I hit some new lows weight wise.  after climbing up last week to over 152 - I hit 148.8 and today was 149.4.  pretty good.  i'm now aiming for 145.  certainly leaner that before.


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