Sunday, January 27, 2013

This winter sucks.

How many sick-days can I have since Oct?  Feels like a lot.  Was sick Wednesday/Thursday last week - as well as today.  Managed a swim at MIT Thursday; did 2 short (~30 min.) training sessions and 1 short (3.5 mile) run as well.  How much is did last week suck?  Temps in the single digits, tv broke, car battery dead - aaa wouldn't drop a battery in - not sure why.  And I feel like crap today - so skipping my strength training now.  

On the bright side, started the 100 push-up thing again  Actually had a pretty good week at work and a nice date night at the Watch City Brewery.  Can't say I was crazy about their brews though - out of ipa, 'titan ale, kinda weird wit, no trippel or dunkel.

Hopefully I'll be feeling better next week and get some runs in.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Go Junior!

Go Larry Nance Jr!  I have no idea if this kid is a jerk or not, but his father was one of the most under-rated players in NBA history.  So having never seen a Wyoming game - Go JR!  Hope your team kicks ass!  As a Sun's fan growing up in Phx, I witnessed LN Sr. single handed-ly hold-off a Kareem/Magic-lead Lakers team.  Phoenix never had much, but we did have Nance, Sweet D, Wallace and Ladmo - that's about it.  The dude was completely awesome (and a Clemson grad to boot!).  Perhaps the stars align for young Jr. and they make the final 4.  It's the least that could happen for a young lad who had the misfortune of growing-up in Ohio...

Ok week.  One strength, 2 runs (4; 4.5) a few bikes - a bit limited by snow and (again) sickness.  Not bad for mid-winter...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year Running.

Survived the holidays - onto 2013.  Like most people - I have a list of things I'd like to do this year.  For some reason, I'm in a mood to get more tech-savvy.  I'm taking this course on Coursera for R computing.  I'm already decent - but never had any formal training - so I figured it's a relatively quick way to go about that.  I also purchased this cool little electronics programing kit.  I do a bit of programming at work - but it never really leaves the computer - this is satisfying in that I can write a program and then something physical/electronic happens.  Not as geeky - but I also went skiing for the first time in ~15 years today with my kids.  Only spilled 3 times.  Felt alright.  

In running news - I'd like to hit this race in the Spring.  10k in spring and try and parlay that into a 1/2 next fall.  I did a good bit of running this week: 14 miles - my most since last June (pre-move).  Not that 14 is a lot - but I've had trouble getting 3 solids in/week - and this marks the first time that's happened.  I also logged 20 miles on the bike.  So a good way to start.  Yesterday's run I did the 3.8 mile bridge-bridge in 29 minutes - good for ~7:40 pace (maybe less).  It felt hard - first hard running in a lonnnggg time.  Although now I feel sick - so a lot of good it did me.  Hopefully I can shake this off before Monday.  I'd like to try and do a lunch bike ride on Tuesday.  Just because I can - and it's been way too long since I biked more that 2.5 miles at one time (pathetic yes).  

'Sept for the cold - a pretty good start to '13.