Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year Running.

Survived the holidays - onto 2013.  Like most people - I have a list of things I'd like to do this year.  For some reason, I'm in a mood to get more tech-savvy.  I'm taking this course on Coursera for R computing.  I'm already decent - but never had any formal training - so I figured it's a relatively quick way to go about that.  I also purchased this cool little electronics programing kit.  I do a bit of programming at work - but it never really leaves the computer - this is satisfying in that I can write a program and then something physical/electronic happens.  Not as geeky - but I also went skiing for the first time in ~15 years today with my kids.  Only spilled 3 times.  Felt alright.  

In running news - I'd like to hit this race in the Spring.  10k in spring and try and parlay that into a 1/2 next fall.  I did a good bit of running this week: 14 miles - my most since last June (pre-move).  Not that 14 is a lot - but I've had trouble getting 3 solids in/week - and this marks the first time that's happened.  I also logged 20 miles on the bike.  So a good way to start.  Yesterday's run I did the 3.8 mile bridge-bridge in 29 minutes - good for ~7:40 pace (maybe less).  It felt hard - first hard running in a lonnnggg time.  Although now I feel sick - so a lot of good it did me.  Hopefully I can shake this off before Monday.  I'd like to try and do a lunch bike ride on Tuesday.  Just because I can - and it's been way too long since I biked more that 2.5 miles at one time (pathetic yes).  

'Sept for the cold - a pretty good start to '13.


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