Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tour de Belmont

Sick all last week.  Ok week this week so far: strength Sunday (1/2 hour), run/bike Monday.  The run I did in the rain from CambN to Tufts - I like that route - I think it's my favorite run from that site.  Work and workouts have been out-of-whack lately: hurricanes, election/vacation days/sick-days - it never seems to end.  Wife has been extra nuts lately - all over the kids - eating weird food.  

It's been 5 months now - and we're still feeling like this place isn't home.  Is it the house?  We knew we were going smaller: but had advantages (school, parks/town, proximity to work and boston); what needs to be done to make us like this place?  Can we like it?  

And it's really not the (lack of) workout routine that bothers me - it's that the workout routine reflects a lack of overall feel for the area and missing my stride.  Running is an indicator.  4 races last year.  1 this year.  

Some positive things are worth focusing on: kids are wonderful; I'm learning to love the bike; I'm lucky to have the job I have; I love to cook.  I love to run.


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