Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nice October Runs.

The rains seem to have tapered-off, but works remained busy - so the last 2 weeks have been a little short on running mileage (10 and 11 respectively).  This week - inspired by some awesome fall weather - I'm going to aim for 4 runs.  It seems surreal to think that this time last year I was hitting over 30 miles and aiming for Philly; living in Mystic - now life is very so different - both at work and at home...  

Nevertheless - I managed 4.5 with Larry around the bridges yesterday; and today I did one of my 3 runs in CambN - over to Davis Square and up to Tufts.  A week ago - I had a nice run over to Fresh Pond and then last Friday - I went up into Arlington.  I think the Arlington one is my favorite for a little extra mileage - since I can just push up the bike path.


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