Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Good Week!

But just barely.  It started real slow: no strength workout Sunday (CT vistit), nothing on Monday/Tuesday except for my easy bike ride.  Wednesday I finally got into a groove - a late day run around the Charles.  About 5 miles - including 10x200 intervals (well, 50 second intervals anyway) - very difficult after eating a burrito for lunch.  Thursday was my always epic ride into Kendall.  I think I made it down in about 30 minutes - my fastest commute yet because I somehow hit Rindge with no traffic - Beacon through Inman.  Ride back felt good.  Broadway up through Harvard.  Yesterday I ran from Alewife down to Fresh Pond and back - did a little extra at the end - pushed it a little over 5 miles (I think).  I would've went further - but felt pretty tired.  I'll have to stretch these workouts out a little more.  Still never got in the strength.


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