Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going Swimmingly

So yesterday I did my first 'long' run in about 10 weeks.  I ran about 2.5 miles down to Cambridge's 'Fresh Pond', ran the loop and then back home (with a few missed turns).  It took about 63 minutes at what I'm guessing was a pretty slow pace - so probably a little over 7.  It was a beautiful morning - although a little humid.  I felt like I had a little trouble the rest of the day - maybe a little dehydrated.  Anyway - felt good to 'go long' again.  I'll try and hit the track tomorrow night for x200s.  Should be able to break out 35-40 seconds/per.  Some endurance yesterday, some speed tomorrow.  I did the 67 minute Bob Harper workout today in my 90% humidity basement.  It's always been a great workout: painful during, feels great after.


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