Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running Omaha

Following move week - I flew to Omaha Nebraska for some much needed relaxation, running and watching CWS baseball.  The games were great.  Amazing community support for the event - although it seems as though the locals spend much of the time socializing - nevertheless, a great atmosphere.  We'd watch 2 games every day.  I realized baseball, in sharp contrast to basketball (nba finals) and soccer (euro2012), is much less subjective - plays are for the most part cut and dried - and *much* less whining/crying (and blatant acting) from players.  A very refreshing sport in that sense.

I did manage 4 runs Friday-Monday of distances 5,5,3 and 3 miles.  The last 3 runs were with my nephew, and the first one was by myself.  Tuesday was a little too hot.  The heat-wave we had here in New England, I had in Omaha on Tuesday.  I also managed a few strength workouts.  All-in-all, not a bad few days of activity.  I've taken Thursday/Friday/Saturday off to settle in the house, but hope to get a good strength dvd in tomorrow, and get into the summer workouts.


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