Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New Life Begins...

...soon.  All our crap is moved - but we're still in Mystic waiting for the school year to end.  Last Wednesday was probably the saddest (non death-related) day in my life.  Absolutely devastating to do the final walk through of our Mystic house.  No way I can put a shine that crap day.  The good news is (1) we do have a new home in what looks to be a nice neighborhood and (2) the moving/un-packing is largely done.

Through it all I did manage 3 workouts:  a 35 minute strength dvd on Monday, and then runs on both Thursday and (4.4 miles) and Friday (4 miles).  Really not a horrible week considering all the goings on.  I haven't done anything the last 3 days - mostly due to unpacking - although the weather here has sucked anyway.  I did make it out today for 5 with Larry.  I should be able to do another 5 Thursday - and maybe something on Friday before we head back up to the new casa.

In other news, I missed my first Twilight Trail Run since 2005.  bummer.  I'll have to try and start some new traditions this summer.


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