Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rounded 4 Days

This week: swims Mon. Wend.; Hills Tuesday and a nice sub-8 5 miler today (39:20).  It felt like we're pushing, I was a little surprised the time wasn't better.  I guess that's getting old.  The swims were my last in my 8 week crash-course.  I managed 14 of the 16 swims - really only missing one.  This week I did the 75easy;25hard; 50e,25h,25e and so on for 800.  A tough swim.  Yesterday I did 200 easy; 1x100 hard; 200 easy; 1x100 hard.  Another tough one - 400 hard total for that swim.  That, and I've managed 8 straight hill workouts.  I'll likely miss Saturday's long run - but who knows?  Possible race Monday.

oh.  Happy Birthday Elena!  Amazing my baby is 6 years today.  I remember doing runs on *no* sleep about 5 years and 11 months ago.  A lot has changed in those years - but what an amazing kid she's growing up to be.


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