Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Workouts and the Olympics.

I had a frustrating week at work, but I managed to cap it off with a nice night of riding around and swimming.  Now I'm kicking back - enjoying a beer - and watching the Olympic opening stuff.  Looking a bit phalic right now - with all the smoke stacks going up and sweaty men.  Hopefully the spice girls show up soon.  Today's milage on the bike started with 2 miles into Alewife, then 2 more miles to BL's house, 2 more to Upper Mystic lake, 2 more back, 1 to get beer and 2 more back home.  The swim was about 18 minutes - I'm thinking around 500-700 meters - but it's hard to say.  Gorgeous night out there...looking a little thomas the train engine-ish now...oh, what's that?  the beetles?  splendid!  "fire! fire! fire!  lots of sideburns.

Tomorrow - running to Fresh Pond.  Should be about 7.5 miles round trip.  I should manage about 3.5-4 hours total working out - which isn't bad considering I only have/had 3 days of actual working out.  If I manage to get the miles in, it'll represent the first time in 10 weeks that I'll have run that type of distance.  Gotta love relo.  Then it's onto the 'honey do' list.

James Bond!  Spice Girls can't be far off now!


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