Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Run. A Race.

My first run in 16 days.  I wonder how far back I'd have to go to say that again?  And what a run it was.   My first race since the Philly marathon found me in Concord Mass for the minuteman 5 miler.  The day started rainy - my 8 year old daughter did her first race in the rain - a 1 mile affair - which served as my warm up.  The five miler started in a drizzle which quickly gave way to a hot/humid run.  A peeled off the first 2 miles in ~14 minutes.  The third was at about 21:10 - but I knew then I needed to slow because of the heat.  I straggled in at 36:15 (7:15) pace - not bad for my first running action in a while.


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