Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I Work Out!

Still lagging on the running.  Last week was book-ended by strength sessions - so I had an hour and 40 minutes of that going for me.  I also did a little swimming and biking - giving me almost 6 miles in eq. miles.  Unfortunately - the running just isn't clicking yet - I did one last Wednesday from CamN - a five miler.  Kinda sad when my goal is down to 2 runs/week - and I can't even hit that!

Now I'm faced with another disjointed week.  Yesterday I took the girls out for a run/bike - a bit of a milestone in life.  Good for ~3.5 miles.  We went down to Belmont/Alewife - but because of the hills, had to spend a good deal of time walking, so I didn't think I did the full 5.  Now I'm home with them today and tomorrow - but am a little limited by the remnants of hurricane Isaac.  I'll likely do a strength dvd today, and aim to bike into Kendall Thursday - maybe another run Friday.  Not sure about tomorrow.

Oh well.  As bad as the running is going, I actual feel pretty fit.  I've had a bad few months running, but managed to do a good bit of biking and strength workouts are back to being consistent.  Next week should be more on schedule.


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