Friday, October 12, 2012

Rain, rain...

Our new Boston weather gods are not being too nice this month.  To recap last week: I managed 3 runs: Davis from Alewife Monday (4 miles); Bridges Thursday (4.75) and Fresh Pond loop Friday (4.5).  I've biked in every day - rain or shine - for the last 5 weeks!  Unfortunately - it's been heavy on the rain and light on the shine.  This week, I was off Monday, did a run (Arlington ~5) Tuesday, Bridges Thursday - and should be able to do Fresh Pond or Arlington again today - although I'd like it if the rain clears.

Strength has been suffering - but that is more a function of busy weekends.  Hopefully I get a good one in this weekend.  Racing is still non-existent.  Intervals - not so much.  I'm basically just running to maintain an average level of fitness.  Maybe I can gear-up again next spring.  


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