Monday, December 03, 2012

Month of November.

Can't say I loved November.  I was basically sick for the whole month.  This cough just doesn't quit.  The good news is that I managed 77 miles on the bike commuting.  The bad news is that the running was pathetic - no runs last week; no week over 10 miles; spotty strength training.  I had a doctors appointment last Friday - nothing good - they said it's normal to have a hacking cough for 3-1/2 weeks - so glad I got my flu shot this year.

With no luck from the Dr. I looked back at last year's blog entries.  One thing stood out - lots of pool time all last fall and winter.  I headed to the MIT pool and did my first laps in awhile - will probably head back if possible later this week.  Very therapeutic workout.


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