Wednesday, November 21, 2012

F'n Cold

Not cold out (although it is) - but I seem to have got the same cold I had 2 weeks ago - again!  It's not horrible, but it kept me from beer last night and running today.  I did manage 6.5 on Monday (sci to bu) - although I felt wiped out Monday night.  I did another 3 yesterday (davis).  Unless I feel better soon - that's probably it for the week - I'll go back to eating and watching football.

One thing that has kept the mileage chugging has been the bike commuting.  I did 98 miles in October, and although November is down (I'm at 52 now - should be ~70 after next week), I'm still doing 0 miles of commuting in my car.  That may not seem like a lot of miles saved - but most pollutants are released when you start your car - so I feel good about that - especially considering the droughts and floods/hurricanes we've been experiencing.  I wish more people would bike commute.  Going through Belmont/Arlington in the morning - you realize that most people don't have far to go really (assuming downtown Boston/Camb destination).  I understand that most people just would never bike to work (based on what though?  comfort?  convienence?), but what does that really say about people?  Just a thought.


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