Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Run Week!

Reason to celebrate!  I did 2 runs from Kendall - a nice loop - very fast both days; and then I did a short/slow 3 miler over to Davis square Wednesday.  Tough week though - very busy and unsetled.  Have the Clemson/BC game tomorrow and nice visit from family.  Should mention - it's raining like shit outside - kinda the opposite of that nice picture.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Good Week!

But just barely.  It started real slow: no strength workout Sunday (CT vistit), nothing on Monday/Tuesday except for my easy bike ride.  Wednesday I finally got into a groove - a late day run around the Charles.  About 5 miles - including 10x200 intervals (well, 50 second intervals anyway) - very difficult after eating a burrito for lunch.  Thursday was my always epic ride into Kendall.  I think I made it down in about 30 minutes - my fastest commute yet because I somehow hit Rindge with no traffic - Beacon through Inman.  Ride back felt good.  Broadway up through Harvard.  Yesterday I ran from Alewife down to Fresh Pond and back - did a little extra at the end - pushed it a little over 5 miles (I think).  I would've went further - but felt pretty tired.  I'll have to stretch these workouts out a little more.  Still never got in the strength.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Good Week

I'm actually slapping together a good/well-rounded week.  finally.  Saturday we hiked around New Hampshire after sleeping out Friday night - lots of fun.  Sunday I managed ~1/2 hour of strength training before mowing the lawn and doing chores.  I did 5 mile runs around the Longfellow and BU bridges from work on Monday and Wednesday.  I biked about 14 miles all over Cambridge today: down Beacon in the morning; over Western to Memorial this afternoon to meet my family for dinner at the Fresh Pond Chipolte.  Gorgeous ride through along the river and into western Cambridge.  I've also have biked into CambN/Alewife every day ('cept for today).  29 miles so far on the bike; 10 running.  

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Did I Say I Felt More Fit?

Sure didn't feel it today.  I biked in - which was awesome - passed tons of cars, flocks of bikers - I forgot my kids 'first day of school' anxiety.  Once in, I did a lunch run - 4.5 miles - which felt *really* hard.  Bike home was hell.  I'll try and run tomorrow - then camping in New Hampshire!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I Work Out!

Still lagging on the running.  Last week was book-ended by strength sessions - so I had an hour and 40 minutes of that going for me.  I also did a little swimming and biking - giving me almost 6 miles in eq. miles.  Unfortunately - the running just isn't clicking yet - I did one last Wednesday from CamN - a five miler.  Kinda sad when my goal is down to 2 runs/week - and I can't even hit that!

Now I'm faced with another disjointed week.  Yesterday I took the girls out for a run/bike - a bit of a milestone in life.  Good for ~3.5 miles.  We went down to Belmont/Alewife - but because of the hills, had to spend a good deal of time walking, so I didn't think I did the full 5.  Now I'm home with them today and tomorrow - but am a little limited by the remnants of hurricane Isaac.  I'll likely do a strength dvd today, and aim to bike into Kendall Thursday - maybe another run Friday.  Not sure about tomorrow.

Oh well.  As bad as the running is going, I actual feel pretty fit.  I've had a bad few months running, but managed to do a good bit of biking and strength workouts are back to being consistent.  Next week should be more on schedule.