Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tough April

So after a difficult and cold March, we entered spring break with high hopes only to have an unfortunate late spring flu really trip up the whole break.  To recount the injuries/illnesses: Elena - concussion and flu, Julia - hurt foot, wife - tick bite - on antibiotic and hoping to avoid lime disease.  So with these happy thoughts in mind, I headed to the AHS track today to belt out my 8x400s.  The goal pace was a little slower (1:45s) but with only 30 seconds of rest.  I did the first six at about a 1:40 pace - and was feeling pretty good - so I tried dropping the pace on the last two: 1:35 and 1:35.  The 30 second rest does make it more challenging - but not too bad.  The intervals have been pretty good - but I'm a little worried for next weeks 10k since the 2x2 miler felt impossible.  Not sure what my 'go out' pace should be next Sunday.  I'm thinking of playing it a little conservative: 7:10s - and see what happens at the 5k point.  The problem there - is i'll have already given up over 30 seconds to a 7 minute pace - not sure how i'll get that back.  My battlegreen pace was 6:58 - on a hilly as hell course - so maybe i should push it more...  Guess I need to think a little about this.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Spring Break that wasn't

Yesterday I went out for a 10k specific workout: 2x2 miles at proposed 10k pace.  The workout actually called for 1 minute off inbetween.  Which seems insane, so i did a 1 mile run in the middle.  The 2 mile intervals were run at fresh pond.  I did 7:16, 7:12 for the first two.  7:20, 7:20 for the second intervals.  Very hard - doesn't give me a ton of confidence of breaking 7 for the 10k - but I figure I'm better off running it than not - and then refocus on the mile race.  I still have two more workouts: 8x400s this weeked and another 20-30 minute tempo run next week.

Kids have been home from school this week - Elena has been sick Sun-Wnd, which has thrown a wrench in my wife's plans - but she is feeling better - hopefully they'll get a good 4 day weekend.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Marathon Monday

Last week saw hills, a 9-miler which included 26 minutes at 7:20 pace and 10x200s at the track.  Yesterday I ran down to Clevland Circle and managed to catch this glimpse of Galen holding on for glory.  The kenyan drrunning.  opped a 14:30 5k after this.  Pretty amazing after 22 miles of running.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

An ok week

I had an ok week this week.  It started last Monday night when i wanted to get my hill workout in.  I felt my knee kinda get tweeked going down the stairs before the workout, but headed out anyway - and managed to complete the workout (60, 75, 90, 60, 75, 90) - but had a sore knee that night and the next day.  The workout followed an interval session the day before - which i'm guessing didn't help the knee situation.  So, I decided to take it easy - no running Tue/Wnd/Thr.  Friday was a lovely morning, so i headed out and did about 6 miles at an easy pace.  I could feel the knee - but it wasn't so bad.  I took another day off (saturday) and went out for a nice 9 miler today - kind of a progressive pace: 8:29 min/mile the first 3 miles, 8:22, 8:20, 7:57, 7:38 and 7:32 for the next 5 -  and pushed it at an 8:17 pace for the 158 foot climb the last mile.  A pretty good workout to end the week.

I think i've been trying to train for a 10k, but also squeeze in hill workouts - which is probably too much.  And now - starting next week, I'll be entering my mile training plan.  I may stick with the hills for another week - but really need to just get by and not worry much about the 10k. I may do a tempo during the week on a run home - but should really consider just running home if it the legs aren't feeling great, since I'll need to be able to hit the intervals on Sunday.

Sunday, April 02, 2017


Today I ran into arlington thinking of doing my 10k-specific 5x800s along the bikeway - but to my surprise, the hs track had the snow melted off.  pays to have a black track.  So i ran this workout - which called for 800s at a 10k pace - which i was thinking would be about 3:30s or just under - and only 45 seconds of easy jog inbetween.  that bit makes a big difference.  the first one felt pretty good - but the lack of recovery really had me dreading the start of the new ones - and trying to focus on pacing.  It was really hard - but felt pretty good to be done.

I hit my highest weekly mileage since marathon week last October.  I felt pretty good after todays run, but just did a little walk to enjoy the nice weather, and am feeling pretty tired now.