Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Running

So I ended up skipping the hills Tuesday, which made for a difficult stretch of Wednesday/Thursday/Friday running. I ended up just doing 5/4 and 9 miles - for 23 total miles in the week. Not the best week: I missed the hill workout and the long run felt horrible. I woke up pretty tired and slightly hung-over after an NFL draft gathering at a local watering hole - and never really shook the feeling. Compounding matters, the weather was awesome - but warmer than i've been used to. Whatever the cause, it felt like a helluva lot longer than 9 miles. I'll look forward to hitting next week hard and putting this one behind me.

On good news - congrats to the royal couple - may the media leave them alone now. Also, I got into a new pushup routine. 18 and 12 in the morning and then again at night. So I can knockout 60/day pretty easy. I did this Monday and Tuesday before only doing one set on Wednesday. Good for about 150. The key though, I think, is that 2 short sets is so easy - I actually do it!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 5.

A great quote from this blog:
"Avg pace was just over 8 min./mi and avg HR was exactly 120. Some may call this lazy. I call it building my musculoskeletal system and creating capillaries."

That explains last Friday's run around old Mystic: 7.5 miles over 1 hour even. Not sure what my heart rate was - and the run wasn't exactly long - but I'll push it back up near 10 this week. I kinda feel like I should be going longer - but I'm not sure there is a real need to go much over 10 this spring.

I did 5 today and will tackle more hills tomorrow.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 4 Going On.

I'm almost through my fourth week of training. I did 4.8 *real* easy Monday and then the team hill work on Tuesday: 30;45;60;75;75;60;45;30 - total of 7 minutes of hills. It's amazing how lung searing hard workouts are. Wednesday I took off. Thursday I did 5.8 miles at a moderate pace. Today I'll aim for ~6 miles. No real long run this week. Next week I'll do another 10 miler.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feels Like Training Again.

It took awhile - but I'm starting to finally build up a base. Last week I did: 5, 7.4 and 5 mile runs - including a great run out at Bluff Point/Haley Farm. The other runs were pretty slow. Monday I did 5 again and yesterday I did the hill workout: 45;60;45;75;45;60;45 - 'learn to use your times run'.

I have today off, then I'll do an easy 3-4 Thursday and 9-10 on Friday.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Nice Drizzly Spring Run

Weather wise - one of the better runs in the last few months - just below 50, drizzly and I felt pretty good. I still took this one easy: 41:30 for a 5 miler (8:18 pace). I may try and squeeze the hills in by myself tomorrow morning - since I'll miss the team's hills at lunch tomorrow.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

An actual week of training?

Wow. Monday felt like crap. I did 4.5 by myself. I skipped the Jupiter loop. Wednesday was better - I did hills with larry: 45;60;75;90;75;60;45 - very hard. Larry killed me - but broke out in hives later that day. Probably another 4.5 total. Today we did distance - 6.5. Not much of a long run - but it'll do. I may try and do 7.5 at bluff point next week.