Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Running

So I ended up skipping the hills Tuesday, which made for a difficult stretch of Wednesday/Thursday/Friday running. I ended up just doing 5/4 and 9 miles - for 23 total miles in the week. Not the best week: I missed the hill workout and the long run felt horrible. I woke up pretty tired and slightly hung-over after an NFL draft gathering at a local watering hole - and never really shook the feeling. Compounding matters, the weather was awesome - but warmer than i've been used to. Whatever the cause, it felt like a helluva lot longer than 9 miles. I'll look forward to hitting next week hard and putting this one behind me.

On good news - congrats to the royal couple - may the media leave them alone now. Also, I got into a new pushup routine. 18 and 12 in the morning and then again at night. So I can knockout 60/day pretty easy. I did this Monday and Tuesday before only doing one set on Wednesday. Good for about 150. The key though, I think, is that 2 short sets is so easy - I actually do it!



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