Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Closing out the year

Well, after getting all motivated to start spring running, I got some sort of head congestion cold.  I pushed through my wife's b-day, xmas eve and xmas celebrations - then basically passed out yesterday.  I'm a little better today - but still not running.  I thought I would rank my top 3 races this year.

Number 1: Adrian Martinez mile.  There is actually a video tape of this online - in which I seem to be running comically slow.  Nevertheless - it is a Mente record of 5:59.  My only sub-six of my life.  It was also a really fun track meet.  I my goal this year is to lower that time - and maybe look better doing it.  In the fall - I'll try to translate my new found speed to a longer distance.

Number 2: The arlington town race.  Sure - it was 2.7 miles. But more than the marathon itself - this race reminds me of all those days doing marathon training.  The race came after I ran a pretty rough 18 miler - and it kinda percked my spirits.  And I finished second overall!  Second fastest man in arlington.

Number 3:  Ras Na 5k.  I could pick the marathon - but I really didn't like melting down.  So I'm going to go with this.  The race was pretty average for a 5k - but at least the after party was fun.  Great day, great food and wonderful friends.

Ragnar was fun this year also - but i ran pretty poorly with allergies - and it isn't really a race.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Closing out the year.

I have my last race of the year this weekend - the bill rodgers jingle bell 5k in somerville.  The course is familiar - a little hilly - but I managed my fastest ever 5k there a few years ago.  i'm guessing those days may be gone - but I'm still going to try to go out fast and see how I do.  It's kinda funny that as hard as this year's marathon training was - more miles - I'm actually less prepared speed-wise.  Yes, I did some track work, but that ended in mid-august - and I transfered to those 'strength' workouts (2x3 miles or 3x2 miles - but at a 7:10-7:30 pace).  In the end - how fast I go may come down to back issues - sore back lately - I never race well with a sore back.

This week has been pretty good.  lazed around monday.  Did 8.2 from home on Tuesday, and then did 4.6 with doug wednesday from work - had some faster miles with doug: 7:36 and 7:44 - but conversational for the most part.  I've also manged some solid strength work - the most I've done all year.

Goals for next year: I think I'm going to come up with a mile plan - and try to hit the track mile hard this spring.  Then maybe eye an enjoyable fall marathon - maybe aim for early november - maybe do two!  I still want to try doing 30 miles in 30 hours - or 50 in 50.  Those would be best done with zero family obligations - but I'll keep it in mind.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

21 this week

not bad considering I'm training for nothing.  I finished the week out with a another 4.8 lunch run, but dropped some solid miles: 7:22 and 7:16.  Trying to push a little, but not too much.  Felt really good.  The weather sucked Friday/Saturday, so I waited until today.  I think I did about 5, but strava kicked it, so it's just an estimate.  21 for the week.  I'll try again starting tuesaday next wee.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Building longer

Last week, I did a bunch of short runs for some reason.  I started with a lunch 4.5 miler Monday - it was slow 8:21 pace.  Tuesday was suppose to be really bad rain - so I ran 1.7 in the morning - kinda thinking about my day/weekend of short runs - then went out in the rain anyway with Larry but cut it short (3.4) and slow 8:15s.  Thursday I did 5.1 miles at a mixed pace - very slow to start (9:01 and 8:52), but then did 8:-7 and 7:13 for the middle two (8:21 jog in).  14.5 miles total.  Some solid strength training mixed in, and one bike to alewife.

Yesterday I did a 6.8 miler from home.  Jogged down to alewife - then back up minuteman - then home.  8:19 pace.  Today I headed out with larry - a little faster: 8:28, 8:03, 7:55, 7:20 and 8:19 - I like those runs.  Weather was overcast - but perfect for running.