Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Short Break and Back to Swimming

I took Monday and Tuesday 'off' from running: I was too busy at work Monday and I accompanied my wife to her gallbladder removal yesterday. So no hill workout. I did, however, make it to the pool tonight for my longest workout yet: 1300 yards - good for 4.72 in my equivalence miles scheme. I split time between work and home today, and probably will tomorrow and Friday (which makes it tough getting out at lunch) - but I'm hoping to get about 3 quick miles in tomorrow - which will get my weekly total up to over 12. I'll see what happens Friday. For those around the world who are wondering, my wife is recovering well.

A hardy good luck to those freezing up on Everest - what a mess the Chinese have made of it. I hope nothing bad happens.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night Run

So, I didn't make it to the Clamdigger today, I knew I didn't have time to run tomorrow, and Tuesday was looking sketchy - so I *had* to get out tonight. I didn't feel great, and the first mile felt labored and my arch hurt bad. But then something happened - and caught my wind, the arch pain went away (it usually) does and I made it 4.68 miles (my house to Noank and back, via Fishtown road) in ~36 minutes for a ~7:42 min/mile pace. The closest thing I came to a fast run in awhile. I was well rewarded with beautiful views of Beebe Cove at dusk.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Long Run Friday

Today I did 8.13 miles at lunch in ~1:07 - good for a ~8:15 min/mile pace. I wanted to do the 9.5+ mile run home from work but I have a toddler birthday party to attend when I get home and didn't want to fatigue myself going into that. Besides, it was beautiful out there today. I did a similar route as my recent 7.5 milers - but added the Jupiter loop during the first lap. Totals for the week: 26 eqmiles (22 running). The long run accounted for only 31% of the total - which is good. My only concern is that I will not have done many runs longer that 7.4 miles heading into the Twilight Trail Run - which could come back to bite me (even though I keep telling myself that I'm not really racing that - I don't want over 8:00 min/miles for that race). Also of note, this is probably the longest I've done without speed work in a very long time. I think this is helping the arch-pain - but it's hard to tell (I still have it - and I've made a lot of other adjustments). I may or may not run the Clamdigger on Sunday...


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tune-up Day

Today I did 3.76 miles - just the Avery Point loop and back up. It felt lethargic. Which brings me to my molecule of the week: Claritin. Also known as Loratadine, this wonderful drug is a great non-sedating antihistamine - and works well for many people at treating seasonal allergies - which I hope is what's been making me feel like garbage lately. (it's also a good example of how the government/FDA can screw-up, and actually drive-up drug cost (by basically eliminating this drug's patent life).

Almost forgot. Swim last night for ~1200 yards. Felt good. I did the 300, 4x100, 4x50, 4x25 backwards ladder again. I took less breadth between laps and felt strong (less allergens in doors apparently). If I have time next week, I may try the 400 straight through.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Difficult Hill Repeats

Today was the 4th set of Hill repeats with the team, and was (imo) one of the harder ones: 45,60,75,90,75,60,45 - for a total of 7:30. I think this workout is tough because of the shape of the hill - it flattens out at the top. As a result, the 75 and 90 second repeats aren't as difficult as they would seem. It didn't help that it was hot out. I feel a little sick now (a few hours later) - and have to give a scientific presentation in about 30 minutes - hopefully I'll make it through without getting sick.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Boston Marathon Day

I'm watching the replay on Versus. The men look pretty fast - almost a course record. My run today was considerably shorter - another 4.9 - what's become the normal loop. I've lost both my GPS and my cheap Nike watch. Time to find another.

Also congrats to the ladies who'll be representing the US in the up coming Olympics: Kaston, Lewy Boulet, and Russell. Boulet in particular made this race exciting. I hope they all do well in the Olympics.

Upcoming races a plenty:

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Almost 5

Yesterday I did 4.9 miles after work. Once again, meetings spoiled my attempts to run over lunch - so I did both loops (Avery and Jupiter) at an easy pace later in the day. The weather was wonderful - spring has finally arrived. My totals for the week were 18 miles. A number of big running events coming up:
  1. The womens marathon trials are tomorrow at 9:00. Hopefully they'll have the online streaming again. [Just checked - it's here].
  2. Of course, the BAA Boston Marathon - which starts Monday morning (I think 10:00).
It's too bad running has never caught on in the media like other sports. I think it's most similar to golf: played by lots of amateurs - some of which are very good, and it has a few key events a year (Boston Marathon is like the runners version of the Masters). They both even have a fairly profitable equipment sales (clubs, shoes, body glide, etc...). Maybe I'll try and start a running media conglomerate to promote 5 or 6 big races a year and get the televised.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Swim Last Night

Hit the Y last night for a 'record' 1200 yard swim - that's 4.35 miles in my wishful thinking system (where I convert every workout to a made up run distance). Included in the 1200 was 300 yards with no break - felt pretty easy. I took today 'off' from running: a meeting that went from 8:30 to 2:00, and then I took the girls into work to show them my office and the labs. They're a bit young for it - but they seemed to enjoy themselves, and one of my coworkers gave them a 'dry ice' demo and they got cookies from the coffee stand. Sometimes it just makes sense to skip a workout.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap Hills

So I had a meeting over lunch yesterday, as a result, I was unable to join the team for the hill workout. Instead, I made it out on my own, but did the easier hill on Meche street. It's not as steep, and therefore a little easier. I tried to compensate by really charging up and treating it like a short interval/hill work - I managed to get pretty winded. The ladder was: 30,45,60,75,75,60,45,30 - one of the easier ones. If I remember correctly, next week will feel much more difficult.

Between the Hills and the yard work, I'll be celebrating my drug of the week: Ibuprofen! Hurray Ibuprofen! Without you, I'd be out of shape and have ugly/weedy garden beds.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Further and Faster

...than I wanted to go today. I did ~4.8 miles in ~37 minutes (~7:45 pace). I was going to bike in today, but wimped-out because the temp was still in the 30's this morning and I knew we'd have near perfect running weather this afternoon. So Larry and I headed out and did both loops (Avery and Jupiter) at a variable pace. Most body parts felt good and the weather was perfect.


Friday, April 11, 2008

7.25 Miles

With the rain presumably on hold, I made it out for a relatively easy, if not lengthy 7.25 miles. Total time: 1:02:12, pace ~8:34. My total for the week is 23.25 miles, with my long run accounting for ~31 % of the total (just a little high). Next week I'll aim to cut back a little and work some bike in, then try a run home (9.5+) the following week.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

5K+ Today

Today I did an easy 3.2 miles at lunch at ~8:10 pace. The weather was a pleasant mix of sun, fog and light wind - again, a little cooler than I thought heading out. I felt good. Tomorrow's forecast calls for 'occasional' rain - so hopefully I can get out between occasions.


Swim Night

1000 yards in the pool tonight. It felt good, much better than last week. I had no neck pain and I think it actually helped my lower back. I'm up to 13 'eq miles' this week. I'll probably do a short 3 miles today.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Groggy Hills

Today I ran hills following a night where I required Tylenol PM to get to sleep. I respond well to Diphenhydramine, which is good for getting to sleep, but the long half-life leaves me groggy for much of the next day - so I had a tough time going out today. The weather was sunny, but still a little windy and not as warm as it looked. The hill ladder was a weird one: 45,60,45,75,45,60,45. The back was a little tight again, but not horrible. The double wammy is the weekend yard work + the hills. I'm glad the team does this together, otherwise it'd be hard to motivate myself.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Trail Run

I couldn't go out today at lunch, so I did ~4.5 miles at Bluff Point after work. Total run was a little over 36 minutes. It felt good. I could've went longer, but I have hills tomorrow and I didn't want to burn out.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

3.1 Miles on the Treadmill

Never been a fan of the treadmill. But I missed yesterdays run due to (1) rain and (2) beer - and maybe a little my sore neck, so I dumped the kids at the YMCA babysitting and did a quick 3.1 miles (well, quick as in shorter mileage - not blistering fast). It felt good - my total mileage for the week is ~19 miles.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bike and Swim.

Last night I made it over to the pool for 900 yards. It didn't feel to great, I kinda tweaked my neck funny - probably because my form was poor. 3 weeks off will do that. This morning I biked 5 miles in from the garage where I dropped my car off for an oil change. It felt cold and difficult. I really don't like the bike yet. At least the 5 miles is a lot easier than the normal 9+ it takes to get in from home. I'll do another 5 miles back (it's only just over a mile to and from - but I head towards Avery Point and then ride back up past Washington Park), so the 'equivalence' miles will be ~3.3 for the swim and 1.7 total for the bike.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's No Joke...Hill Workouts Started Today!

...quoting our team organizer. We had a pretty good crowd on hand today for the first workout: 6x60 seconds. They felt pretty good - adequately difficult towards the end, but that's what it's all about, right? The workout will progress in ladder-like fashion for the next eight weeks. My goal is to at least make it until the sixth week. The week after that is the Twilight Trail Run, which usually beats up my legs pretty good - so I'm not certain I'll do the hills that week or the next. Of course, my lower back feels a little tight - so I may not even make it that far - we shall see.

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