Saturday, April 19, 2008

Almost 5

Yesterday I did 4.9 miles after work. Once again, meetings spoiled my attempts to run over lunch - so I did both loops (Avery and Jupiter) at an easy pace later in the day. The weather was wonderful - spring has finally arrived. My totals for the week were 18 miles. A number of big running events coming up:
  1. The womens marathon trials are tomorrow at 9:00. Hopefully they'll have the online streaming again. [Just checked - it's here].
  2. Of course, the BAA Boston Marathon - which starts Monday morning (I think 10:00).
It's too bad running has never caught on in the media like other sports. I think it's most similar to golf: played by lots of amateurs - some of which are very good, and it has a few key events a year (Boston Marathon is like the runners version of the Masters). They both even have a fairly profitable equipment sales (clubs, shoes, body glide, etc...). Maybe I'll try and start a running media conglomerate to promote 5 or 6 big races a year and get the televised.

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